What is the Gotchiverse?

A frenly world, under attack

The Gotchiverse is the birth place and home planet of Aavegotchis. Located in the Nether Realm -- the graveyard of the Ether Realm -- the Gotchiverse was formed from the debris of the Ether Realm over many years of liquidations and token burns.

The Gotchiverse used to be a safe and joyful world, until it was discovered by the Lickquidators, a mechanical species of predator native to the Ether Realm. Lickquidators love nothing more than to feast on yield-bearing assets, and their discovery of the Gotchiverse whipped them into a feeding frenzy unlike anything ever seen before.

Now, the Aavegotchis must prepare to defend the Gotchiverse against an invasion of the Lickquidators, as prophesied by the Tree of FUD.

Luckily, they aren't on their own. They have YOU, their human protectors, to provide them resources and aid.

Together, humankind and Gotchi-kin must band together to defend this beautiful world against the desecration of the Lickquidators!

A Shared, Open World

The Gotchiverse is a community-driven farming RPG set in an open, persistent world built on the blockchain. Farm resources to build a unique home, mingle with friends, and fortify your defenses against the impending invasion of the Lickquidators!

Game Features

Open, persistent world happening in realtime

The Gotchiverse is an always-on shared world, happening in realtime. Meet and play with new frens from around the world, no matter where you are.

Innovative Real World Economy

No walled gardens here! Everything you earn in the Gotchiverse can be traded freely via the blockchain, a decentralized transfer layer.

Aggressively Low-tech

We believe the "metaverse" should be accessible to all, no matter your graphics card. That’s why the Gotchiverse is built in Phaser, a minimalist 2D game engine.


The Gotchiverse is built on the Aavegotchi NFT Gaming Protocol and governed by AavegotchiDAO, a diverse group of asset owners in the Aavegotchi ecosystem.

Multi-Year Roadmap

We’re creating something together that’s built to last.

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