Important Concepts

The Gotchiverse can be a bit intimidating, but being familiar with all the concepts in this list will make your experience much smoother.

Take a minute to read through this list before continuing into the Gameplay section, and bookmark it to refer back to it easily!



A shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network


A bundle of transactions strung together in a blockchain.

Smart contract

A computer program on Ethereum or other Ethereum-compatible networks that executes, controls and documents legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of the underlying code.


A smart contract standard for "non-fungible tokens", also known as NFTs. The standard used by most NFT projects such as Aavegotchi, REALM Parcels, Bored Apes, and other crypto-art.


A smart contract standard for "semi-fungible tokens", or NFTs that are unique, but also interchangeable (fungible). The standard used for Aavegotchi Wearables, Gotchiverse Installations, and Gotchiverse Tiles.



A digital NFT pet staked with yield-bearing Aave aTokens (Spirit Force).

Gotchi Pocket

An escrow contract managed by each Aavegotchi that can hold tokens (GHST, FUD) and NFTs (Baadges, Wearables).

Gotchi Lending

A trustless, onchain lending agreement between Aavegotchi owners and borrowers.



The mortal enemies of Aavegotchis. Also, technically, their creators. Has a rapacious appetite for yield.

REALM Parcel

ERC721 NFT land owned in the Gotchiverse. Can equip Installations (Aaltar, Haarvester) and Tiles. Can also be surveyed and farm Alchemica.


ERC1155 NFTs that can be placed on top of a REALM Parcel. Some have various purposes and utilities, and some are purely aesthetic.


The building blocks of the Gotchiverse. Used to craft Installations and Tiles.


A powerful portal between the Nether Realm (Gotchiverse) and Ether Realm (Ethereum) through which tokens can flow.


Alchemica spread onto the surface of the Gotchiverse, whether by Alchemical Channeling, Reservoir emptying, or other special events.

Spillover Rate

The percentage of Alchemica that is spilled over during Alchemical Channeling or Reservoir emptying.

Spillover Radius

The distance that Alchemica is spilled during Alchemical Channeling or Reservoir emptying.

Alchemical Channeling

A ritual that summons Alchemica from the Gotchiverse to fall nearby an Aavegotchi.

Great Battle

An epic clash foretold by the Tree of FUD between Aavegotchis and Lickquidators.


A subset of Installations. Purely a e s t h e t i c .


An ERC1155 NFT that can be placed on a REALM parcel. Rests underneath the Installation layer.


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