Access Rights

Access Rights allow land owners to determine who is able to perform certain actions on their Gotchiverse REALM parcels.

These actions include:

  • Alchemical Channeling

  • Emptying Reservoirs

  • Equipping Installations

  • Equipping Tiles

  • Upgrading Installations (Coming soon)

  • Unequipping Installations (Coming soon)

  • Unequipping Tiles (Coming soon)

Land owners can choose to allow borrowers, Whitelisted addresses (coming soon), and anyone they would like to perform these actions on their parcel.

Additionally, they will eventually have the ability to prevent specific addresses from performing these actions on their parcels with the ban list (coming soon).

How to Set Access Rights

To see access rights for a specific parcel, visit the My Realm page on Aavegotchi, click Edit Access Rights, select the parcels you'd like to edit, then update permissions in the popup.

Finally, click Save to update your preferences onchain.

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