Alchemical Channeling

Alchemical Channeling is a ritual performed by an Aavegotchi that harnesses Alchemica from the surrounding Gotchiverse atmosphere and releases it nearby the Aavegotchi.

To perform Alchemical Channeling, an Aavegotchi must visit an Alchemical Aaltar it has permission to channel from (see Access Rights) and initiate Alchemical Channeling.

Each Aavegotchi can perform one Alchemical Channeling every 24 hours.

After each channeling, the Alchemical Aaltar has a cooldown period, which gets reduced with each level of upgrading.

Once the Alchemica has been harnessed from the Aaltar, it then gets transferred to the Aavegotchi. A portion goes directly to the owner of the Aavegotchi (or to the Gotchi Pocket), and the rest gets distributed nearby on the surface in a process known as Spillover.

The level of the Alchemical Aaltar determines the Spillover Radius, Spillover Rate, and also the cooldown before the next Channeling can be initiated.

The exact amount of Alchemica received depends on the channeling Gotchi's Kinship Score. The exact formula for calculating the amount based on Kinship is:

Thus, higher Kinship Scores result in higher Alchemical Channeling amounts.

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