Choosing a Parcel

When choosing a Gotchiverse Land Parcel there are three factors to consider:

  • Parcel Size

  • Location

  • Alchemica Boosts.

Size Matters

Gotchiverse REALM parcels come in three sizes: Humble, Reasonable, and Spacious. Smaller parcels are less expensive, but also have lower Alchemica stores and less surface area to equip Installations. Larger parcels are more expensive, but have bigger Alchemica stores and more surface area for equipping Installations.

Location, Location, Locaation

Location is another important factor when choosing your Gotchiverse REALM parcel. Although for now it’s pure speculation, some GotchiGang members also believe certain districts are more valuable than others for various reasons. For example District 1 is the innermost location in the Citaadel, DIstrict 27 is home to Pixelcraft Studios, and District 30 is home to the AavegotchiDAO.

Guild affiliation is another reason to consider location. Many Aavegotchi Guilds have laid claim to various Citaadel Districts. If you are a member of a certain guild then you may want to choose a parcel based on your guild’s location for easier coordination of in-game activities.

Location is also important for Estaate building in the Gotchiverse. To build a Gotchiverse Estaate, you must own two or more adjacent parcels no more than 8 Gotchis apart from one another.

Get Boosted

The final factor to consider when choosing a parcel is Alchemica boosts. Parcels located next to Alchemica boosts will have bonus amounts of Alchemica added to their parcel’s base amount in each act, making them more valuable and highly sought after.

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