Aadepts Cheat Sheet

Alongside their Recipe Book, the Aadepts also left behind a handy comparison chart of how they anticipated Gotchis may build out their parcels in the Gotchiverse.

Of course, what strategy you follow depends on many individual factors, such as the results of your Surveying, nearby boosts, and your individual personality.

This is not financial advice!


Upfront Cost




Potential Yield

Good (100% - 150%)

Great (200% - 300%)

Aavesome (300-400%)

Time to Break Even

Slow (200-300 days)

Medium (100-200 days)

Fast (80-120 days)

Recommended Altar Level




Upfront Cost is how much Alchemica this build requires.

Potential Yield is the multiplier of how much Alchemica this build will yield (in raw Alchemica terms) once the Parcel has been emptied.

Time to Break Even is how fast you will recoup your Upfront Cost (assuming you flash upgrade everything immediately using GLTR).

Recommended Altar Level is the highest level of Altar this build will require. Depending on your Alchemica roll, this may vary one or two levels.

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