Getting Started

The Gotchiverse is currently in a closed alpha phase, which means you'll need an Aavegotchi to join!

For tips on choosing an Aavegotchi, check out the Choosing a Gotchi guide.

How to enter the Gotchiverse

1. Setup your blockchain wallet

Make sure you have a blockchain wallet such as Metamask, Frame, or WalletConnect installed in your browser.

Don't have a blockchain wallet? Check out this helpful tutorial on setting one up!

2. Connect to Polygon

The Gotchiverse is deployed on Polygon Mainnet, a sidechain of Ethereum. To enter, you'll first need to connect to Polygon.

Visit (the official Gotchiverse dApp). If you see a "Switch to Polygon" button, simply click that button to connect to Polygon network.

3. Get an Aavegotchi

In our current phase, an Aavegotchi is required to enter the Gotchiverse.

There are two main ways to acquire an Aavegotchi:

  1. Purchase one from the Aavegotchi Baazaar

  2. Borrow one trustlessly using Gotchi Lending

4. (Optional) Get MATIC Token

MATIC token is the gas token of Polygon, which means you'll need to spend some to make transactions on the network.

You can get MATIC token by bridging from Ethereum, topping up with a credit card, or swapping other tokens.

5. (Optional) Get GHST Token

Both of the options in Step #3 may require you to spend some GHST Token, so if you don't have any yet, you can easily acquire some via Quickswap, the leading DEX on Polygon, or Binance.

Entering the Gotchiverse

Once you've gotten your Aavegotchi, you can now enter the Great Portal and spawn in the Gotchiverse!

Activities in the Gotchiverse

We have the best game devs in crypto! They are constantly shipping new features to the Gotchiverse.

Here's what you can do right now in the Gotchiverse:

  1. Decorate your REALM Parcel with limited edition tiles and Installations;

  2. Build up your farming operation and start harvesting Alchemica;

  3. Earn Gotchi UBI by Channeling with your Aavegotchi every day;

  4. Pick up Alchemica spilled by other players (currently happens every Saturday 2PM-4PM UTC!);

  5. Chat with your friends via Chat Bubbles;

  6. Check out people's parcels to get some inspiration for your own.

For more details on what's coming, check out our roadmap!

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