Picking up Alchemica

The Gotchiverse is a mysterious place, formed from the debris of burned and liquidated tokens in the Ether Realm.

Over time, these debris broke down into their building blocks, what Aavegotchis call the "Gotchus Alchemica", or just Alchemica.

Alchemica often appears on the surface of the Gotchiverse, where Gotchis can scurry to pick it up.

The Alchemica can then be claimed for the human partner of the Aavegotchi by visiting a Vortex -- special locations in the Gotchiverse where Alchemica can be transferred from the Nether Realm back to the Ether Realm, directly into your wallet, or the Gotchi Pocket, if it's been borrowed via Gotchi Lending.

Each Aavegotchi can carry a certain amount of Alchemica before it becomes encumbered and cannot pick up any more. This number is known as its Carrying Capacity. Currently, the carrying capacity of all Aavegotchis is 250 pieces of Alchemica.

Many events can trigger Alchemica to appear on the surface of the Gotchiverse, such as:

  • Alchemical Channeling

  • Emptying a Reservoir

  • Special events

So, when you're traveling around the Gotchiverse, keep an eye out for these small bits of Alchemica on the ground. Over time, they definitely add up!

Note: Spillover of Alchemical channeling and Reservoirs is currently disabled, except for during the Aavegotchi Weekly Haangout, every Saturday from 2PM to 4PM UTC time.

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