Upgrading is the process of increasing the level of an Installation on your REALM parcel. Most upgrades require a combination of the four Alchemica to initiate, and take a certain number of blocks to finish.

For example, upgrading FUD Harvester Level 1 to Level 2 requires 178 FUD and 89 FOMO, and it requires 86400 blocks to complete. One block is equivalent to roughly 2.1 seconds of time.

If you don't want to wait, but confirm your upgrade immediately, you can opt to spend GLTR token when you initiate the upgrade. 1 GLTR token is equivalent to 1 block of time. So in the above example, by spending 86,400 GLTR, you can confirm the upgrade immediately.

GLTR can be purchased, or it can be earned by providing liquidity for Alchemica and GHST Token on Quickswap.

Token Emission Schedule

The GLTR token emission schedule is structured as follows:

  • The total supply of GLTR tokens is capped at 1 trillion.

  • For the first 8 years, the annual mint rate decreases gradually.

  • From year 9 onwards, the annual mint rate remains constant at 2.42%.

  • The tokens are minted each year based on the percentage rates outlined in the plan.

Here's a breakdown of the GLTR token emission plan by year:

Process Multiple Upgrades with the Maaker

By default, each REALM Parcel can only process one upgrade at a time. This can be extended by installing a Maaker Installation onto the parcel. For each level of the Maaker, the number of concurrent upgrades allowed on a parcel increases by one.

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