Aavegotchis love farming, but they also have a keen appreciation of everything beautiful. This sense of aestheticism manifests within the Gotchiverse in the form of Decorations and Tiles -- objects that have no inherent utility, but are simply pleasing to the eye.

Decorations are Installations that can be placed on a parcel just like the Aalchemical Aaltar or a Haarvester. They take up space on the parcel, and can even obstruct movement when bumped into.

Tiles are placed underneath Installations, and do not obstruct movement.

Both Decorations and Tiles can be equipped and unequipped without being demolished.

Decorations and Tiles are typically purchased via the Crafting Table, for a limited period of time. Once this Crafting Period has ended, they can never be crafted again!

Check out the Aavegotchi Baazaar to buy Decorations and Tiles after their crafting period is over.

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