Farming your Parcel

Buried deep within the Gotchiverse are huge lodes of Gotchus Alchemica, just waited to be excavated. Aavegotchi technologists have spent years researching techniques to unearth these deposits of FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, and KEK, culminating in the invention of three special pieces of machinery -- Haarvesters, Reservoirs, and Maakers.

Haarvesters are powerful machines capable of reaching deep into the Gotchiverse's ethereal layer to excavate Alchemica buried below the REALM parcel. Since each Alchemica's composition is different, different Haarvesters are required to mine FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, and KEK. As Haarvesters increase in level, their harvesting rate also increases, up to a maximum of Level 9.

Harvesters will stop harvesting once the Reservoir of its type has reached its Capacity.

Reservoirs are holding tanks specially designed to store Alchemica after it has been harvested. Alchemica in its stored state is quite volatile, and during the process of emptying a Reservoir, some of the stored Alchemica seeps out, resulting in Spillover. Upgrading the Reservoir increases the Capacity of the Reservoir, while also reducing the spillover rate and radius, up to a maximum of Level 9. Reservoirs on a parcel can only be emptied every eight hours.

You must place a Reservoir of the equivalent Alchemica type onto your parcel before placing a Haarvester.

Reservoir spillover rate is weighted by capacity of each equipped Reservoir. A parcel equipped with two Reservoirs - one with 1000 capacity and 50% spillover rate and another with 100 capacity and 75% spillover rate would have a final spillover rate of 52.57%.

Maakers are highly specialized robots that have been engineered to allow multithreading of a parcel, meaning that multiple upgrades can be run concurrently. Without a Maaker, only one upgrade can be run at once. The maximum level of a Maaker is 9, meaning that ten upgrades can be run concurrently.

The level of your parcel's Alchemical Aaltar determines the maximum level you can upgrade Reservoirs, Haarvesters, and Maakers. See Tech Tree.

Surveying your REALM Parcel

Before you can begin farming your parcel, it needs to undergo the process of Surveying.

Surveying scans the Gotchiverse around your parcel for buried Alchemica, and combined with the surface-level deposits (known simply as Boosts), gives an accurate output of exactly how much Alchemica your REALM parcel contains.

To begin surveying, simply install an Alchemical Aaltar on your parcel, click on it to enter your parcel dashboard, and tap the "Survey Parcel" button.

Surveying a parcel requires an onchain transaction, and typically takes 1-2 minutes to complete, after the transaction has confirmed onchain.

Rounds and Rolls

Congratulations, your REALM Parcel has been surveyed!

Now let's see how it stacks up against the average base value of other parcels in Act 1!

Act 1 is split into 10 separate rounds.

During the first round, you'll receive 25% of the average Alchemica, as see in the chart below.

Average Base Values - Act 1 Round 1

If your results are higher than these averages for your parcel size, you got a lucky roll! 🔥

Over the remaining 9 rolls, the rest of your parcel's alchemica will be discovered and distributed, with each round distributing roughly 8.3% of the average amount.

The chart below gives the total average Alchemica for each parcel type throughout Act I.

Average Base Values - Act 1 Total

Nine Great Battles, Nine Surveyings

As prophesied by the Tree of FUD, the Gotchiverse will soon head into a perilous period of strife and chaos. The Lickquidators are preparing their invasion of the Gotchiverse, with each conflict known formally as a Great Battle.

After each Great Battle has ended, your REALM will regain the ability to Survey, and after surveying, it will dig deeper into the Gotchiverse, discovering more Alchemica.

Alchemica surveyed in subsequent rounds will accumulate on top of whatever is already there. You may also choose not to survey your parcel, and hold these surveyings until a future date.

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